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2 Roll hydraulic Threading Machine


HPSM’ deals with latest technologies based 2 Roll Hydraulic Threading Machine that have been designed to make industrial tasks easier, faster and error free. This heavy duty machine is designed for rolling pressure upto 30 tons and provided with highly efficient gear box and removable in-built Hydraulic Power pack. Deflection is minimized by using large dia spindle mounted in especially accurate heavy duty bearings.



  1. Compact Design
  2. Fabricated steel frame
  3. Versatile for all type of works
  4. Manual & Automatic cycles
  5. Range of times
  6. Extended universal joint provides smooth operation for big angle of work piece
  7. Over sized coolant tank for superior cooling effects
  8. Low pressure hydraulic power pack to ensure to low heat & minimum maintenance
  9. “T” type and accurately ground slide assures that jumping and vibration will not happen during rolling
  10. Centralized lubrication of all important moving parts



This machined is designed for rolling pressures upto 16 ton. The rigid spindle assembles permits precise & accurate rolling of work piece


  1. Fabricated steel frame
  2. Compact rigid design
  3. Manual & Automatic cycle & range cycle times
  4. Three Roll speeds
  5. Heavy duty gear box and low pressure hydraulic power pack to ensure to low heat & minimum maintenance
  6. Centralized lubrication of all moving parts
  7. Extra heavy duty universal joints for power transmission
  8. Big size worms for speed reducers
  9. Heavy duty spindle bearing and other major assemblies are designed profile rigidly and powerful enough to with stand load for course pitch threads worms, serrations & knurling



The HPS-24B form & thread rolling machine is most compact form & thread rolling machine available in the market. Its unique design concept is primarily aimed at covering the widest universal range of applications. The rolling of threads, knurls, vross knurls, worms & spindles etc as means of tilting rolling spindle the longer working piece such as bars upto 6 mtrs long can be rolled by the through feed rolling method


  1. Fabricated steel frame
  2. Hardened & ground “T” Type slide for better accuracy & rigidity
  3. Range of cycle time & rolling speeds
  4. High production rate
  5. User friendly setup & running procedure
  6. Low pressure hydraulic power pack to ensure to low heat & minimum maintenance
  7. High efficient & heavy duty gear box for continuos operation


Technical Specifications
Workpiece Ø (infeed)10-80mm3-50mm3-24mm
Max pitch of thread (Standard V Thread)10mm5mm3mm
Max serrations pitch3mm1.6mm1.0mm
Max. Die. Width200mm150mm80mm
Max.Through feed thread length6 meter6 meter6 meter
Max. Rolling Force (infinitely adjustable)30 tons16/20 tons8 tons
Spindle Axis swivel for through feed120 50 50
Roll spindle Ø69.85mm54mm40mm
Max Rolling Die Ø220mm180mm120mm
Roll spindle speed (RPM)16/22/34/73/110/15020/40/6060/90
Main Motor11 kW3.7 kW/5.6 kW2.2kW
Hydraulic powerpack motor2.2 kW1.5 / 2.2 kW0.75 kW
Coolant pump1/2 HP1/8 HP1/8 HP
Electrical connection— 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase —— 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase —— 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase —
Approx. Weight3500 Kg2200 Kg1000 Kg