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3 Roll Hydraulic Threading Machine

HPSM’ deals with latest technologies based 3 Roll Hydraulic Threading Machine that have been designed to make industrial tasks easier, faster and error free. Before it is dispatched, it is tested many times in our production house, which means that you don’t need to worry about anything.

Three Roll TypeHPS3R-25HPS3R-50HPS3R-75
Work RangeOut Side Diameter10-25 mm3/8″ – 1″15-50 mm5/8″-225-75 mm1″-3″
 Thread Length in Feed38 mm1.1/250 mm2″75 mm3″
 Thread Length Through FeedIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefinite
 Max. Thread Pitch0.7 – 2 mm32-12 TPI32-8 TPI32-8 TPI0.8-6 mm32-4 TPI
Roll DiesMax. Out Side Dia.80140160
 Max. in Side Dia.284054
 Max. Width385080
MotorFor Roll Spindle2 H.P.5 H.P.10 H.P.
3 Phase ACFor Hydraulic System2 H.P.3 H.P.5 H.P.
Coolant Pump 0.1 H.P.0.1 H.P.0.1 H.P.