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Grade 1 Universal Cylindrical Grinder

HPSM’ Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine ideally suited to performing repetitive grinding operations or small quantity production with equal ease. It can grind both Rubber and Steel by only changing the Grinding Plate. Features of our existing range of machines.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (mm)305 -455600 – 8001000 – 12501500 – 3000
Table Swivel9 +39 +36 +36 +3
Centre Height (mm)135135155250
Work Head speeds r.p.m 3 steps( 305/455/600/800mm ABC)90 to 350
Morse Taper centreNo. 3
Work Head Speeds r.p.m 4 steps(1000-1250/1500-2000-2500-3000 mm ABC)35 to 350
Morse Taper Centre ( 1000-1250mm ABC)No. 4
Morse Taper Centre ( 1500-2000-2500-3000mm ABC)No.5
Work Head Swivel90 degree
Rapid approach to all machines50mm
Wheel head with hand wheel (305/455/600/800 ABC)100mm
Wheel head with hand wheel (1000/1250 ABC)100mm
Wheel head with hand wheel (1500/2000 ABC)170mm
Increment of feed dial0.005mm
Swivel of wheel head45 + 45 degree
Standard size of wheel355x38x127 mm
Wheel speeds ( 1000/1250mm ABC)1500-1800
Standard size of wheel400x38x127 mm
Wheel speeds ( 1500/2000/2500/3000mm ABC)1200-1500
Standard size of wheel508×50.80×254 mm
Wheel Head (305/455/600/800/1000/1250mm ABC)3 H.P
Wheel Head (1500/2000-2500-3000mm ABC)5 H.P
Work Head  (305/455/600/800mm ABC)0.5 HP
Work Head  ( 1000/1250mm ABC)1 HP
Work Head  ( 1500/2000-2500-3000mm ABC)1.50 HP
Hydraulic ( 305/455/600/800/1000/1250mm ABC)1 HP
Hydraulic ( 1500/2000mm ABC)2 HP
Hydraulic (2500/3000mm ABC)3-5 HP
Mechanical Table (305/455/600/800/1000/1250mm ABC)0.5 HP
Coolant Pump0.12 HP
Internal Grinding Attachment1 HP