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Horizontal Boring Machines

HPSM” Highly Precision Horizontal Boring Machine which is a versatile Machine Tool for all types of roughing & finishing operations within the range of BORING, MILLING, DRILLING, REAMING & FACING. It is most suitable for machining bores in various types of Machine Bodies & Gear Boxes, for surface milling & especially for large dia flange facing.


Technical Specifications
Alloy Steel Work Spindle Hardened & Ground Diameter80100110125
Morse Taper Number5666
Max. Longitudinal Movement of working Spindle(Z-Axis)510510510600
No. of Spindle Speeds9999
Range of Spindle Speeds-R.P.M20to30015to25015to25015to250
Longitudinal Work Spindle Feeds Nos.9999
Max. Height of Spindle Axis from Table Surface(Y- Axis)9251000



Min. Height of the Spindle Axis from Table Surface25353535
Dimensions of the rotary table900*11051030*13751100*14501225*1675
Longitudinal Table Traverse(W-Axis)1625177519252050
Long Table Travel Feeds(including one rapid)10101015
Transversal Table Travel Feeds10101015
Vertical Head Stoke Travel feeds44415
Rotary Table Automatic feeds10101015
Max. Cross Movement of the table(X-Axis)1000110013001550
Max. Distance b/w Stay Bearing & Facing Head2400269028002950
Facing Head Diameter505555600650
Weight Approx in Kgs.(without packing & accessories8500100001100016500