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Hydraulic Crankshaft Regrinding Machine

Hydraulic Crank shaft grinding with new technologies & innovative systems, these systems will achieve accurate and fast grinding in this engine rebuilding sector. Our crankshaft regrinding machine requires less maintenance and easy in its operational functions. We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of these machines.


  • Radius Dresser
  • Wheel Balancer
  • Heavy duty steady rest
Height of centre from the table350 mm – (13.8″)300 mm265 mm
Maximum swing over table700 mm – (27.5″)600 mm530 mm
Maximum head offset140 mm – (5.5″)140 mm100 mm
Maximum distance between chuck2725 mm2150 mm1450 mm
Maximum distance between centers2800 mm2200 mm1500 mm
Maximum weight admitted between chuck1250 kgs500 kgs250 kgs
Diameter of self centering chucks250 mm – (10″)250 mm200 mm
Diameter of grinding wheel813 mm – (32″)813 mm710 mm
Grinding head feed per turn of handle wheel1 mm1 mm1 mm
Fast grinding head feed with control350 mm175 mm150 mm
Micrometeric grind head feed—–175 mm150 mm
Work head spindle rotation speed (variable)25 – 100 rpm19 – 90 rpm25 -100 rpm
Table slow feed per turn of hand wheel5 mm5.4 mm5.4 mm
Table fast feed per turn of hand wheel3000 mm / min.15.2 mm15.2 mm
Automatic table movement—–1 setoptional
Grinding wheel spindle760 rpm.760 rpm900 rpm
Grinding wheel motor7.5 hp / 5.5 kw/ 1440 rpm5.5kw / 7.5 hp/ 1440 rpm3.7 kw / 5 hp/ 1440 rpm
Work head motor1 HP / 0.75 kw/ 1440 rpm0.37kw / 0.5 hp/ 1440 rpm0.37 kw / 0.5 hp/ 1440 rpm
Coolant pump motor0.13 hp/ 2800 rpm0.13 hp/ 2800 rpm0.13 hp / 2800 rpm
Servo control motor (grinding wheel slide)0.4 kw0.4 kw0.4 kv
Length of the machine5400 mm4500 mm3500 mm
Width of the machine2250 mm1750 mm1750 mm
Height of the machine1650 mm1650 mm1550 mm
Work space required7000 X 2000 mm5100 X 1900 mm5500 X 2000 mm
Work height required1650 mm1650 mm1550 mm
Net weight5 ton4 ton3.25 ton
Gross weight6.5 ton4.5 ton4 ton
Shipping volume17 m317 m315 m3
STD. ACCESSORIESHPS – 2750HPS – 2200HPS – 1500
Self centring chuck with key02 Nos02 Nos02 Nos
Self centring chuck jaws02 Nos02 Nos02 Nos
Face and side dresser assembly01 No01 No01 No
Centres02 Nos02 Nos02 Nos
Steady rest01 No01 No01 No
Crank centring V gauge01 No01 No01 No
Diamond dresser01 No01 No01 No
Wheel hub01 No01 No01 No
Grinding wheel01 No01 No01 No
Ratchet spanner01 No01 No01 No
Double end spanner 24/2601 No01 No01 No
Single end spanner 4601 No01 No01 No
Allen key set ( 9 no’s)01 Set01 Set01 Set
Wheel hub puller01 No01 No01 No
Wheel balancing arbour with nut01 No01 No01 No
Levelling plate with bolt12 No12 Nos10 Nos
Foundation bolt with nut12 No12 Nos10 Nos
Coolant system01 No01 No01 No
Splash guard01 Set01Set01 Set
Spindle nut tightening spanner01 No01 No01 No
Lifting hole cover08 Nos08 Nos08 Nos
Crank truing gauge01 No01 No01 No
Crank truing dial01 No01 No01 No
Extra balancing weight with bolt04 Nos04 Nos02 Nos
Face plate tightening spanner01 No01 No01 No
Face plate puller01 No01 No01 No
Ball screw rod nut tightening spanner01 No01 No01 No
Radius Dresser1 No—-—-
Operation manual01 No01 No01 No