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Light Duty Slotting Machine

HPSM’ Light duty slotting machine is being prepared with genuine components with its accurate size as well as with latest technology and all the components are being inspected at every stage of production by our qualified staff to maintain quality forever and we want to achieve satisfaction through our quality products.


  • Boring Bar
  • Motor Pulley
  • Counter V – Belt


  • Rotary Table with 36:1 Ratio Diameter – 250 mm
  • Electric Motor
  • Switch
  • True Chuck
  • V – Belt
Technical Specification
Adjustable Stroke10 to 150 mm10 to 250 mm
Longitudinal Movement200 mm230 mm
Cross Movement110 mm110 mm
Speed Adjustment3 speed3 speed
Ram Adjustment150 mm250 mm
H.P.1 H.P.1.5 H.P.
MODEL: HPS – 150
A – 210 mm
B – 310 mm
C – 280 x 335 mm
MODEL: HPS – 250
A – 330 mm
B – 410 mm
C – 280 x 335 mm